Joe was my instructor for a 12-hour refresher course, I met Joe in Vernon where he introduced himself and proceeded to take me on a pre-trip of the vehicle I would be driving. Joe’s experience and knowledge of truck driving was great. I found Joe to be very calm and patient, never getting worked up or excited as we drove around the area. His way of direction was clear and easy to follow, whenever he felt I was getting worked up he would make a little humour or simply have us pull over safely and we could talk or go for a coffee. Afterwards, my confidence returned and I felt stable and sure of my driving abilities. Joe never asked me to do anything illegal and watched every move reminding me to use my mirrors and have courtesy towards other drivers. I am very pleased to have taken this course for I have learned many new procedures pertaining to the pre-trip and driving, as well as coupling/uncoupling trailers in a safe and proper way. I feel Joe is a very good driving instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone planning to take the class 1 or 3 driving course.