Heavy Trailer Endorsement (Code 20)

Course Description

This course is for those holding a valid class 4 or 5 licence, wishing to tow a heavy commercial trailer  that weighs more than 4600 kgs loaded, providing that neither the truck nor the trailer is equipped with an air brake system.

The Code 20 “Heavy Trailer Endorsement” prepares you with the skills and techniques required to tow heavy loads such as heavy-duty utility trailers, horse trailers, and boat trailers.

Heavy Trailer Endorsement code 20

Course Prerequisites:Valid Class 4 or 5 Licence*

*Students must pass the Class 3 knowledge test prior to the start of training and road test.

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Extra Cost to Students (Code 20 Heavy Trailer Endorsement)
1st Visit to ICBC:

  1. ICBC  Learner’s Licence Test Fee $15

Road Test Day:

  1. ICBC Road Test Fee $50
  2. ICBC Licensing Fee $17
  3. ICBC Medical Form Processing Fee $28

At your Doctor’s office:

Medical Examination Fee $80 – $150 (Drs set pricing)

Students must give 24 hours notice if not able to attend scheduled lessons or they will be charged for those missed lessons.

Extreme Professional Driver Training Inc. fees are Tax Exempt and are Tax Deductible