Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours per week do students train during Mandatory Entry Level Training for their Class 1 Driver’s Licence?

Students can be scheduled between 20 to 35  hours per week. As a rule, there aren’t any breaks in the training schedule. Students are booked for a road test and then the training is scheduled backwards from the road test date so that the student is competent when undergoing his/her road test examination.

How many of the students that have graduated from the MELT program are working?

Those graduates who want to work are employed soon after completion. 

What are the enrollment dates when students can start the course?

The intake for student enrolment is continuous for all classes of licence.

Please contact one of our offices for details on pre-requisites and start dates..

What is the training or certification required of the instructors?

All driving instructors in BC are required to undergo a rigorous training program governed by ICBC.

Is funding available? 

Yes!  There is funding available through these organisations and we can help you navigate the process! Just ask us!

WorkSafeBC – For  workers that have been injured and require retraining.

Work BC – Unemployed and qualify for EI benefits?… or have qualified for EI benefits, but they have recently run out? Contact your local Work BC office to make an appointment with a caseworker.

First Nations and Metis – Contact your local band office for funding details.

Is the school accredited or registered with the PTIB, (Private Training Institutions Branch of BC))?

All driving schools in BC are governed by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and are not required to register with the PTIB.

What are the prerequisites for taking Class 1 Driver Training?

  1. Hold a valid BC Class 1 Learner’s Licence 
  2. Minimum 19-years of age. 

What is the length of training?

The duration of training varies based on the course selected. 

Class 2 & 3 require Air Brake Endorsement (15)

If you are planning on taking driver training to upgrade your licence, you will require the 7-hour “Theory Only” Air Brake Course and pass the written exam at ICBC.. You will complete the practical, (for assessment), portion of your air brake endorsement during your ICBC road test. For Class 1 MELT students, the air brake theory will be included in your course.