B.C. Class 1 Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) Program

Effective October 2021, the Insurance Corporation of BC, (ICBC) mandated any driver wishing to attempt a Class 1 road test and upgrade their licence is required to successfully complete a 

Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) program.

Class 1 With Air Brake Truck Driver Training

Course Description

Our class one Mandatory Entry Level Training  (MELT) course  includes practical, behind-the-wheel and in our yard, as well as theory training in our classrooms. We maintain compliance with National Safety Code Standard 16 for entry-level training of Class 1 drivers by ensuring our students learn safe operating practices in consideration of BC’s mountainous geography. Our instructors share their experience while covering the regulations regarding commercial vehicle safety, Schedule 1, Hours of Service and Load Securement in our classroom. Other fundamentals such as pre-trip inspection, air brake inspections and chain-up are added to students’ repertoire during their in-yard training. On-the-road training teaches students to upshift and downshift a manual non-synchronized transmission on the highway, while our in-town training allows off-tracking, turning and observation skills to be honed. Students will have the use of our tractor-trailer for their ICBC Class 1 road test.

Course Prerequisites:19 years of age and valid Class 1 Learner’s License.*

Students are required to pass the air brake endorsement (Code 15) written exam at ICBC prior to attempting their class 1 road test.

140-Hour Class 1 (MELT) Program Includes:

  • Air Brake Course
  • Vehicle Components and Systems
  • Vehicle Inspection Activities
  • Hours of Service Compliance
  • Documents, Regulations and Planning
  • Cargo Securement
  • Off-Road Manoeuvres – Backing / Couple & Uncouple / Chain Up
  • In-Cab Behind-The-Wheel Training 
  • Professional Driving Habits

Cost: $15,500

Extra Costs to Students (Class 1)
1st Visit to ICBC:

  1. ICBC  Learner’s Licence Test Fee* $15

2nd Visit to ICBC

  1. ICBC Air Brake Knowledge Test Fee* $15

Road Test Day:

  1. ICBC Road Test Fee $60 
  2. ICBC Licensing Fee $17
  3. ICBC Medical Form Processing Fee $28

At your Doctor’s office:

  1. Medical Examination Fee $80 – $150 (Drs set pricing)

Students must give 24 hours notice if not able to attend scheduled lessons or they will be charged for those missed lessons.

Extreme Professional Driver Training Inc. fees are Tax Exempt and are Tax Deductible