How many hours per week do students train when working toward their Class 1 Driver’s Licence?

How many of the students that have graduated from the program are working?

Extreme Professional Driver Training does not collect and collate this data.

How many students are enrolled in the program over the course of a year?

Extreme Professional Driver Training does not collect and collate this data.

What are the enrollment dates when students can start the course?

The intake for student enrolment is continuous. The combination Class 1 course starts on a Saturday with the Air Brakes course.

What is the training or certification required of the instructors?

They are licenced by ICBC and must undergo a rigorous training program.

How do I get funding?

Unemployed – funding will depend on independent situations and it is recommended that these individuals call our office for more information.

WorkSafeBC – workers that have been injured and need to be retrained can seek funding from this source.

Work BC – the federal government will retrain workers that are not working and collecting employment benefits. There is also reach-back status. Call our offices for more information.

First Nation and Metis – there potentially is band funding.

Is the school accredited or registered with PCTIA (Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC)?

No, the driving school is governed by ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia). Both the school and its instructors are licenced and monitored by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

What are the pre-requisites for taking Class 1 Driver Training?

Pre-requisite – class 1 learner’s licence and must be 19-years-old or older. The student must have the applicable learner’s licence before undertaking driver training in the truck.

What is the shape of the training curriculum?

The in-vehicle training is divided into 4-hour blocks.

What is the length of training?

The duration of training is approximately 4 weeks. This time varies with the class of licence and the course selected.

Class 1, 2, & 3 require Air Brakes

Most Class 1, 2 & 3 licences will require an air brake endorsement. If you are taking driver training, you will require the 16-hour air brake course, owing to the fact that when you take your road test, you will do the practical portion of your air brakes at that time. Before taking your road test, however, you must have the Code 15 endorsement added to your licence. In other words, you will have to have completed the course and taken the licence written exam at an ICBC centre prior to undergoing your road test.