Heavy Trailer Endorsement (Code 20)

Course Description

This 6-hour course is for those holding a valid class 4 or class 5 license, wishing to tow a heavy commercial trailer that weighs more than 4600 kgs loaded, providing that neither the truck nor the trailer is equipped with an air brake system.

The code 20 endorsement towing training prepares you with the skills and techniques needed to tow heavy cargo loads such as heavy-duty utility trailers, horse trailers, and boat trailers.  This doesn’t include large towable recreational vehicles (RV) weighing more than 4600 kgs loaded like 5th wheels and “toy” haulers.  If you want to tow a recreation vehicle, they require a code 7 endorsement.

Course Prerequisite: Vaild Class 5 License

Heavy Trailer Endorsement code 20

Towing a trailer weighing more than 4,600kg – you must have this endorsement!

Next Steps

Here are your “Next Steps” to upgrading to a professional driver’s license…

  • Read ICBC Driving Commercial Vehicles (DCV) for class 3 license.
  • See page 2 of DCV for reading guidelines.
  • *Note – Use Class One Pre-trip Inspection guidelines, but omit air brakes chapters.
  • Study appropriate BC Practice Driving Test questions until you are attaining 90% consistently.
  • Ensure you study Class 5 questions, signs, lights and road markings from DCV as Heavy Trailer Endorsement learner’s test.
  • Go to ICBC or Service BC office and write Class 3 Learner’s Licence.
  • If you are coming into one of our Extreme offices, please call to let us know that you are coming in. This will ensure that staff is available to assist you.
  • Submit a copy of your Learner’s License & Driver’s Abstract to our office. We will determine road test date with ICBC and start date for training.

* For your consultation visit, please budget 45 minutes.


Extra Costs to Students (Heavy Trailer Endorsement Code 20)

These costs are charged by ICBC
Class 3 Learner’s License Exam Fee$15

Students must give 24 hours notice if not able to attend scheduled lessons or they will be charged for those missed lessons.

Extreme Professional Driver Training Inc. fees are Tax Exempt and are Tax Deductible

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