Air Brakes

The majority of Class 1, 2 & 3 vehicles require that a driver have an Airbrake Endorsement (Code 15).

For students upgrading their licence and taking driver training, you are required to take the 16-hour Air Brakes (Code 15) course. For drivers adding an air brake endorsement to an existing licence, they must take the 20-hour course.

Air Brakes (Code 15) 16-Hour Course (ICBC Approved)

In this sixteen-hour course offered in Kelowna, Kamloops and Vernon, you will learn the air brake system. Our Professional and certified instructors will teach you, using a modern air brake board, all the theory necessary to pass the ICBC air brake knowledge test including ABS systems. This important step to becoming a professional driver is taught over two days, and an additional practicum component.

* If you are taking driver training and upgrading an existing licence, then you require the 16hr-course.

Air Brakes (Code 15) 20-Hour Course (ICBC Approved)

This twenty-hour course is specifically designed for the recreational vehicle driver or equipment operator. If your RV has air brakes this is the course for you. You will undergo sixteen hours of instruction, by a professional and certified instructor, on a modern air brake board covering the theory necessary to pass the ICBC knowledge test. The practical portion of the air brake course provides the student with the practical skills to perform a pre-trip on an air brake equipped vehicle to ICBC‘s testing criteria. The student’s pre-trip procedure is then evaluated by Extreme’s certified assessment officer.

* If you are adding your air brake endorsement to an existing licence, than you require the 20hr-course.

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